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I got back with some long time friends who i grew up with and  watched ” END OF WATCH” preety much about gang violence in LA or south central area. Preety good movie showed what cops risk their lives out for their communitys everyday. Yea i get that cops can be a drag some are dicks and some are lazy and people and the community deserve better but if we think about it society is the reason why we need cops if their was no gangs we would be trippin over robbers and drug problems but we have gangs black mexican and white and others killing each other over some stupid color or block or gang fuckin bullshit. From what i’ve heard i heard all asian gangs out here in san jose became allianced since their are many asian gangs but small sets who cant keep up with black and especially mexican gangs here in my area if they only knew they are the reason why kids grow up into killers and cold blooded people then maybe they would change or they would stay the same i dont know honestly up to them some people change some don’t..I’ve seen family beef over gang bullshit and no one talks to each other or something has to pop off just because some one reps the opposite bullshit god us mexican americans are so fuckin dumb i dont know honestly what attracts them to kill our own people and at the end what pisses me off the most is for the fuckin bloody money i bet if a leader from prison who runs drugs all over had a son on the streets who died from his own drug supply that would scar him for life i know it would if didnt then well he has nothing to live for is my guess someone who dosent care for his family is already dead since they have nothing to lose. blood in blood out greatest movie of all time changed my views on life not to long ago made me realize how image is everything to people and money and the most important is family without your true friends and family theres no support and without support people fall but we always have the chance to get back up i hope by the time i have kids that gangs are out extinct because their intentions were once good like the mexican mafia or NF but once the power is in someones hands money is what comes up the ladder and how to make that come in no matter if its through drugs or killing innocent people…

dion408behappy september 21 2012 4:27 am

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